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SAP Fiori (UI/UX)

The world is mobile and fast. Your processes and operations must not just keep up but outpace competitive innovation.

We help you to define your UI/UX (User Interface / User Experience) journey using SAP Mobility services. Personalize and simplify the user experience (UX) for your mobile applications.

The SAP Fiori Client allows customers to access SAP Fiori apps on their mobile devices. Because SAP is sunsetting SAP Fiori Client , we will help you to migrate your mobile application with SAP latest mobile technology with Mobile Development Kit (MDK). With our mobility solutions let you gain a definitive and versatile edge with smart computing devices like RFID scanners, wearable tech, sensors, etc.

We help you find the right app development platform for your mobile maintenance and management needs,


MDK Web Runtime, which expands MDK capabilities to desktop complementing existing MDK Mobile Clients (Android & iOS). You can now build and maintain a single app that runs natively on Mobile (Android & iOS) and web app (online) in browser. MDK Web Runtime is an important delivery of the SAP Extension Suite and offers new Low-Code features which helps business developers to contribute in building extensions.

MDK Architecture :

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