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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence & Analytics Services

Thousands of mission-critical business questions go unanswered every day—not because they can’t be answered, but because it would take too long to do so. What could your organization accomplish if you could ask the right questions and get the answers you need—any time and every time?

Mnemosys offers business intelligence solutions—both traditional and cloud-based—that let our customers ask big questions and think creatively—with limited risk. By using our proven approach to business intelligence and analytics, we create BI initiatives that can be rapidly built, tested, and scaled.

Our Analytics Models are :

1. Predictive Analytics

2. Data Visualization

3. Managed Analytics

BI Software and Tools used for Analysis : 





Key expertise : MSTR SDK 

We customize MicroStrategy Web Applications changing the Look & Feel and behavior of your out-of-the-box MicroStrategy™ Web Application leveraging MicroStrategy Web SDK Standards and Best Practices

Our Services : 


Single-Sign-On : 

Integrate MicroStrategy™ Web application with your Authentication and Authorization provider


Custom Web Pages :

Customize and enhance default features within an out-of-the-box MicroStrategy™ Web page or create a new custom MicroStrategy™ Web page


Web App Branding:

Change Look & Feel of an entire out-of-the-box MicroStrategy™ Web application following the company standards

Custom API:

Extend the core MicroStrategy™ SDK API and wrap around your own business layer to be used by your multiple 3rd party and external applications

Custom Prompts Page:

Modify how MicroStrategy™ renders the prompts page and customize prompts features and behavior

Custom Visualizations:

Create and add a new custom D3.js™ widget to enhance your visualizations, or modify and extend an out-of-the-box MicroStrategy™ visualization or widget

Custom Tasks:

Extend your MicroStrategy™ solution as a Web Service to feed your multiple 3rd party and external applications

Web Development:

Convert MicroStrategy™ Web SDK project into a Maven project and to enable a continuous integration process

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